Dining Table Makeover – Decoupaging With Vintage Books

Dining Table Redo Decoupage

by DECOUPAwesome

This table is one of the most popular and well-liked pieces I have ever made, and it was super easy to make.


I got this table from Goodwill for $20. It was kind of a mess, but I could tell the wood was still good, and it was very sturdy.


Dining Table Redo Decoupage



First, I flipped the table over and just focused on painting the base. I used Valspar Spray Paint (sold at Lowe’s) in  Luscious Green Gloss–and I looooovvve this product!!! *drools on keyboard*. Like my beloved Krylon, this product is primer included, which means you if you have crafting ADD like me, you don’t have to add a WHOLE EXTRA DAY (boo!!) to your project.

I am absolutely obsessed with books. I love everything about them, from the way they feel, smell and best of all, look.  Here in our home, we have a room that is literally filled from floor to ceiling with shelves overflowing with books. As a former print reporter turned digital media diva (yes, this is a thing) I feel like the printed form is a bit of my own personal heritage. At DEOUPAwesome, I use this technique a lot. Give me a great old book and a can of bright colored spray paint and I can go to town on any old piece of furniture.

OK, first off, to soothe the nerves of all the bibliophiles about there–BEFORE you take an old book and hack it, go a quick Google search and make sure that you’re not about to destroy anything rare or valuable. Most of the books you’ll find for cheap in used book stores and later edition versions. There’s no real value in a 40th edition of a book that has 50,000,000 copies in print.

I love this method, because it is super-easy to do and can completely change a room or decor theme. 

DECOUPAwesome dining table redo before and after

Before the top coat


Next, just apply a clear coat to seal it. I use Minwax Polycrylic in Gloss.

Check out more pictures of the final product here-



This table is available in my Etsy store; check it out and my other items as well!



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