Check Out The Awesome Vintage Liberty Magazines I Picked Up For My Next Decoupage Project

Today we went antiquing to Salado. While I have sworn a blood oath to my boyfriend to not buy anymore big, heavy pieces of furniture he has to lug around until I’m done with all my current projects (BOO!), I am always on the hunt things to decoupage with. We hit up the Salado Antique Mall because I wanted to get some old magazines, circa 1940’s/50′, for a project I have in mind.



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Dining Table Makeover – Decoupaging With Vintage Books

Dining Table Redo Decoupage

by DECOUPAwesome

This table is one of the most popular and well-liked pieces I have ever made, and it was super easy to make.


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Coffee Table Redo – Use A Vintage Book To Decoupage An Old Table

Coffee table red, before and after

Coffee table red, before and after

This simple coffee table redo is an easy way to bring new life to an old piece of furniture and make your decor scheme really pop.  Continue reading